4 things to do during your first trip to London

London is the most populated city in Europe, which means there are endless possibilities of things to do. Here are 4 recommendations of things to do during your first trip to London (4 things besides all of the major attractions like Big Ben, of course!)

1. Visit Camden Market

Next to the Camden Lock, the market has over 1000 booths and stalls selling everything from donuts and coffee to burritos to fresh orange juice. It additionally has artists selling paintings, jewelry, tshirts, shoes and pretty much anything and everything else. The market is a great place to grab some lunch and wander around for the afternoon.

2. Ride the tube

For tourists coming from cities in the US that don’t have public transportation (like myself), the tube can be intimidating at first. It’s actually really easy to use, and it gets you around London for a lot cheaper than a taxi.

3. Museum hop

One of the best things about London is that almost all of the museums are free, so take a day go to a bunch of them. Most of them are in the same area of London, so it’s just a short walk between them. You can easily get from Monet’s paintings at the National Gallery to the mummies at the British Museum in 15 minutes.

4. Have afternoon tea

One of my favorite things to do in London is go to afternoon tea. There are countless options of tea rooms to chose from for any budget. The Ritz Hotel is one of the most famous tea rooms in London, but if are a college student on a budget there are definitely some more affordable places to go as well.

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