1. Phoenix Park

Larger than Central Park, Phoenix Park is one of the largest parks in any European capital city. It is known for its large deer population as well the home of the Dublin Zoo. I love spending an afternoon in the park picnicking on the grass in front of the Wellington Monument, or renting bicycles and riding around the area.

2. Grafton Street

Arguably Dublin’s most famous shopping street, Grafton Street is very touristy with lots of shops lining the street. Aside from the main street itself, the side streets in the surrounding area contain hip cafes, bars and restaurants. I love walking around the area and exploring the flurry of activity that is Dublin City Centre.

3. Trinity College

The oldest university in Dublin, Trinity College is located right in the middle of the city. Home to one of Ireland’s greatest treasures, the Book of Kells, the Trinity College Library is truly breathtaking. During the summer, the College Green also hosts a concert series where many popular music groups such as Two Door Cinema Club or Alt-J have played.

4. Temple Bar

Probably Dublin’s most well-known area, Temple Bar bustles with life at all times of day, as it is home to a multitude of pubs, restaurants and bars. Wander through the cobbled streets during the day to discover galleries and cafes, or at night to find some of the best bars and pubs in Dublin.

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London is the most populated city in Europe, which means there are endless possibilities of things to do. Here are 4 recommendations of things to do during your first trip to London (4 things besides all of the major attractions like Big Ben, of course!)

1. Visit Camden Market

Next to the Camden Lock, the market has over 1000 booths and stalls selling everything from donuts and coffee to burritos to fresh orange juice. It additionally has artists selling paintings, jewelry, tshirts, shoes and pretty much anything and everything else. The market is a great place to grab some lunch and wander around for the afternoon.

2. Ride the tube

For tourists coming from cities in the US that don’t have public transportation (like myself), the tube can be intimidating at first. It’s actually really easy to use, and it gets you around London for a lot cheaper than a taxi.

3. Museum hop

One of the best things about London is that almost all of the museums are free, so take a day go to a bunch of them. Most of them are in the same area of London, so it’s just a short walk between them. You can easily get from Monet’s paintings at the National Gallery to the mummies at the British Museum in 15 minutes.

4. Have afternoon tea

One of my favorite things to do in London is go to afternoon tea. There are countless options of tea rooms to chose from for any budget. The Ritz Hotel is one of the most famous tea rooms in London, but if are a college student on a budget there are definitely some more affordable places to go as well.

Author: K. Casselton

Located on Ireland’s west coast, Galway is the third largest city in Ireland. Galway gives you a small town feel but still has plenty of sites to visit. Here are 6 of my favorite things to do in Galway:

1. Visit the Galway market

One of my favorite things to do in Galway is to go to the farmer’s market located next to St. Nicholas’ church. From fruit to bagels to art, the market is bustling at all times with local products. I highly recommend visiting the donut stand- the donuts are made on the spot right after you order. 

2. Go to the bars on Quay Street

One of Galway’s most notable places is Quay Street. Crowded with restaurants, pubs and bars, there is always something to do. If you are looking for nightlife, this is the place to go. Simply just walk down the street exploring the different pubs and restaurants.

3. Take a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher

From Galway, you can take a bus to some of Ireland’s most notable sites, including the world famous Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs are Ireland’s most visited attraction, and provide Instagram-worthy views. It’s easy to hop on a bus to the cliffs during the day, explore one of Ireland’s greatest beauties, and still make it back to Galway to hit the bars at night.

4. People Watch in Eyre Square

If you happen to catch some nice weather, sitting in Eyre Square is a fun place to hang out at. Tourists and locals like to relax on the grass, so it is a great place to observe Galway life. While I was there, there happened to be a stag party dressed up and playing games!

5. Explore the surrounding country

If want to see castles in Ireland, Galway provides you with a great opportunity to do so. There are several castles that are only a short drive away, so rent a car or take a taxi and explore the countryside. Keep in mind, if you do take a taxi from the city, it is extremely hard to call one for the way back if you are in the middle of nowhere.

6. Take a ferry to the Aran Islands

Right off the coast of Galway are the Aran Islands. They are known for their ancient sites, medieval ruins and fantastic scenery. The islands are also the filming locations for several Hollywood movies. If you want to get out of the city, the islands are the perfect place to explore nature. 

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Author: K.Casselton