Real-life Winterfell: Castle Ward

In the popular TV show Game of Thrones, Winterfell is the ancestral home of the ruler of the North, which has long been a held by a family member of House Stark. It is where all of the Stark children grew up, and is now finally back under Stark rule after Jon Snow took back the North. Jon is currently King in the North, but while he is away forging an alliance with Dany, Sansa has control of Winterfell and the rest of the North.

In reality, Winterfell is filmed on the 1,000 acre grounds surrounding Castle Ward in Northern Ireland. The property dates back from the 18th century featuring both classical and gothic styles. Castle Ward is one of the many locations in Ireland that host Game of Thrones sets. Belfast is home to Titanic Studios where some of the indoor shots are filmed. Other filming locations in Ireland include Tollymore Forest Park, The Dark Hedges and Mussenden Temple.


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